I am a confused 20 year old trying to navigate my world by whinging on here and rocking the boat by asking unnecessary questions.

My hobbies include buying clothes, trying clothes on and complaining about how broke I am. It is an endless cycle. My real hobbies are feeding my need for acceptance by constantly learning a bit of every language and astrology, I can now read tarots professionally (well almost)...

Join me here for rambles, fun and maybe some humour. I think I am hilarious but it is not confirmed...

Fun Fact my name isn't actually Kira! It's Emmanuela! Emmy is one of the many ways my name is shortened. My blog name comes from the Japanese slang Kira Kira (きらきら ) which means to glitter, sparkle or twinkle. So I called my blog that because I hope to share a bit of glitter, I hope to give a bit of sparkle and I have been told I have a cheeky twinkle in my eyes. 

Emmy xx

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