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3 November 2020

I think one of the most difficult things is actually getting content out for Instagram. Especially when you're University student who disappears off to placement for weeks at a time. So how do I do shoots and get enough content for the Gram? Stay tuned and I might be of help (Or I might not be idk...)


Shooting can be nerve-racking because 80% of the time it’s usually me and my trusty tripod. My mum helps occasionally,  (honestly she's really grown into her photography skills), but for times when I am at Uni and she is not available, I have to try and execute my vision myself.

There is so much planning that goes into everything. Before I step out I have planned everything out. I usually look for inspiration first via the explore page or I just search for internal inspiration. most of the time I have outfits in my head and all there's left is to put together a concept. 

At this stage, I ask myself what is it I am trying to achieve?

I always consider what I have at hand. I am a broke student I have to use what is at my disposable because I don't really have money for cool props but I do have an imagination. A lot of people really underestimate what your brain can really come up with. Concept planning happens at night because I feel like I come out with more interesting ideas (I also edit at night but that's another post).

I recommend writing stuff down, pinning cool stuff on Pinterest and bookmarking stuff, it can really help, or if you're really stuck using tv shows to try and come up with themes


 I feel there is a lot of pressure to go somewhere really fancy, I, fortunately, live near London so I can travel in but like that's still 20-30 quid and I don't have money like that. So what I do is scout out locations where I live at uni or at home. I think as long as you have the vision it usually turns out fine. I am extra as well so I will often visit the location before I shoot to see what I can and can't do and where to change if I have more than one outfit etc. It also makes me feel more comfortable with the location before shooting.  

When shooting you have to be confident although it comes with time.  People will stare! That's something I had to get used to very early on. I usually try and shoot in remote places where I am not a nuisance but you will be surprised even in fields in the outskirts of town someone will somehow be there to stare. In fact, it's even worse because now there is a girl in the fields by herself looking hella suspicious ahahah! Most of the time when people approach me it's positive, they will ask questions, some are encouraging which is fun.  With locations be careful you're not invading where you shouldn't and ask before taking pictures! Being courteous is the most important thing. If you're lucky some businesses will offer their produce/products as props or even give you free gifts particularly if it's in their shop.

Yeah but all in all don't be a location snob, now it is autumn a really leafy park down the road may be perfect, I think every town or city has a beautiful place or at least somewhere nearby that fits 


In England, the weather is your worst enemy it can be so frustrating when the weather is not ideal. Since I am a dark skin black girl my aim is to always shoot on a reasonably sunny day or I will look washed out. I meticulously follow the weather, this is actually how I pick shoot days. The iPhone has an HDR mode which helps increase exposure but it doesn’t quite have the glow I am looking for. I prefer natural lighting and outdoor shoots. Like I said in location, location is 10% of the magic I think 90% comes from the noggin and for that extra spice weather has to be on your side 

Even when I shoot a lot can go wrong, there needs to be a level of flexibility so I recommend always coming up with more than one idea. If I am being honest I lot of my pictures haven’t gone to plan. This can be so frustrating but I always say make the best with what you’ve got.

And Have fun!

If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing it’s never going to come out natural. I express myself via my photos and so I try and bring my personality in them. I love what I do and it has helped me improve and look for ways to improve further. You don’t even need a fancy camera, I have always used my phone (I had a 7 plus and now I have an iPhone 11 Pro).

The practice is also key. My earlier photos were BAD! I didn’t start off good and even now I look at my photos with contempt. It takes a long time to build up your confidence and the quality of shoots so don’t be upset when it doesn’t work out. Definitely don’t give up. I am always happy to answer questions.

Extra tips

-Get a tripod 
-If you need cheap props to make stuff interesting go to charity shops they have cool trinkets
- Self-timer is your best friend
-So is a Bluetooth clicker it can be bought with a tripod
-If you can't find locations in your town google "Nice places to go in (insert area) it should come up with something.

So that’s it I think?

What are your tips?

Let me know, bye for now 

Emmy xx

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