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20 July 2020

I don't know shit about Skincare all I know is that if it works for my skin I will keep using it for my skin. I can't even seem to pinpoint my skin type because yeah my skin overall is really super dry (and thirsty), but simultaneously its super oily at times, it's so bad sometimes my forehead can literally act like an SOS beam on open waters...yet it's my Sahara dessert of cheeks that get pimples... You can see why I am struggling here. Oh did I mention I am also acne-prone? So over the years, I have found a way to fix my face (kinda) so my face looks a little less than the nutty Magnum when I wear foundation. So remember I ain't no guru and I am also not sponsored I know it seems that way as you read the post but sadly I am not (sigh). This is also quite similar to my old post Skin Care? All clear? but I decided that why not update it and add better pictures?

So  first things first (I am the realest). No, seriously firstly, I tend to double cleanse when I wear I makeup because it get rids of my full coverage makeup that my poor face cleanser can't manage alone. It also guarantees that everything has been removed from my face, leaving behind a fresh canvas to start working on.

So if I am wearing makeup I first go in with Simple's Micellar Cleansing water, it is hydrating which is fab for gals like me and it is also inexpensive which is fabulous because it lasts forever. I use it quite a lot because like I said I wear a decent amount of makeup so the fact that it comes in a big bottle is a plus. It also has a bit of Glycerin in it which helps keeps skin nourished. In addition it throws in a bit vitamin B3 and C for that extra zing. It works really well on sensitive skin which is another thing I have. It really is an uphill battle for me. Click here to purchase  (They are literally having a sale right this moment so run!)

I also use the Mary Kay  ClearProof Clarifying  Cleanser for Acne-Prone Skin.  It is like a clear gel-like texture, that smells of nothing which is perfect with those with sensitive and those who suffer from acne as perfume and scented oils only cause havoc for skin like mine. It claims to made with botanical ingredients, plus it also has 2% Salicylic acid that works to clear your pores of dead skin! Salicylic acid works wonders on skin prone to break out, which is why it is in a lot of acne products. It does cost a bit but lasts me a bit over 3 months as you don't need much since it foams up pretty quickly. One thing to be aware of though is that it can make your skin feel quite dry so just a warning. Other than that I will give 10/10 would use again. Personally, I found this was the only brand that worked on my skin. Name any brand, it is likely I have tried it twice without any discernable results.  (Click Here to purchase)

Okay, lads so we are looking in the mirror, face dry, thinking what's next? Well, I follow up washing my face with a serum. What serum you ask? Oh, you didn't ask. Well, I'll tell you anyway. We follow up with Mary Kay's Clear Proof pore purifying Serum. It is my holy grail! Every time I run out I panic internally! The results are clear to see, particularly overnight. That red looking mountain on your face is barely there in the morning! Be careful with this though it drys literally in milliseconds, I always have to get in there pretty quicky. I will not lie to you I love this step the most because it feels nice to rub in due to the texture, it's really silky and surprisingly moisturizing as well. When applying it you will find that your face looks amazing already. It last about the same time as the cleanser although there have been times it has run out quicker. It's formulated with Salicylic acid and works to actively keep your pores clean during the day or night. I do all this twice a day (The wash-off cleanser and Serum not the micellar water). Click Here to purchase

Okay so I use the ClearProof Spot solution, but only in the day, it doesn't sting like other spot solution I have previously made familiar with. I think it is also quite gentle but effective. It does the job and gets rid of pimples as well as working blemishes associated with acne so it's like a win-win. I recommend using it before the serum but that is all personal preferences! Click Here to purchase 

Lastly, for the everyday skincare routine, we need to hydrate the face (yes even if your face is oiler than a dejected newspaper that was used for takeaway chips) Hydrating keeps you ageless, glowing and allows you to win any presidential race anywhere in the world. Okay so once again I am using the ClearProof line and I am going in with their oil-free Moisturiser. Honestly with this it tempting to empty the whole thing out, because it doesn't seem moisturising when you first empty it into your hands but let me tell you it be making your forehead GLEAM! Sometimes I am sure Space satellites are picking up the glow,  and as they should! Seriously you don't need that much if I am being honest. This also lasts for up to six months! Don't ask me how! Click Here to purchase 

So this is my Day to day skincare routine, so let's talk about stuff that really enhances my skin!!

So once a week (On a Wednesday) I  do my Deep Cleanser charcoal mask from the ClearProof line. It supposed to have activated charcoal that acts like a magnet to all the grossness in my pores. It also has rosemary and peppermint extracts in it. It is a spot eater! It makes my skin feel baby soft too! My skin definitely looks better I have used to it. To circle round to the spot eater thing if you wear it whilst you have an angry friend and wash it off 30 minutes later your little friend will have either sobered up or moved out! It is a god sent and I use it as my desperate measure item. We all have one don't judge me!! Click Here to purchase 

Okay, so this another Mask but it isn't MaryKay (wow a surprise I know!) Okay most times especially if my faces feels kinda dry or just feels meh I use this mask. This often happens during my four days of hell. This gentle yet life-saving mask is called the  Rose Overnight Hydrating mask by Botanical Lab. This product is amazing! It helps with swelling and redness, especially after you have picked a spot you shouldn't have (whoops!). It leaves your skin feeling respected and loved which is great because it has got me out a divorce several times (welp)! It is not badly priced and the smell doesn't send me running to the hills either so Amen! Click Here to purchase and Here to find out more!


So the next thing I do, I do every Saturday. In fact, I am due to do it tonight. This is from the MaryKay TimeWise range. It is a Microdermabrasion set, a lot of people will be booing and hissing right now because we have been taught to only use chemical exfoliators but honestly  I can swear by it. Mary Kay recommends to use it three times a week, which is crazy, I mean unless you're fine with not having any skin left then go-ahead. Other than that once a week is more than enough!

The set comes with two items, the microdermabrasion refine and a pore minimiser serum which I usually use instead of the serum mentioned earlier which you can purchase here. I also use the even complexion mask, I use it because of years of bad acne has left a lot of discolouration so this has really helped not only with my confidence but also with my skin! There has been a massive improvement since I started using so I deffo recommend it! You can purchase it here,

Finally, wear SPF! I  used to strongly believe that as a dark-skinned girl that I didn't need any SPF. This is so wrong, after further research I found that even for those with dark skin it is very important that we wear SPF although most people with darker complexion have twice as much protection from UV rays, melanin does not absorb all types of harmful UV, furthermore, we are not immune from skin cancer. Black people do actually burn as well, but because there isn't research on it we often don't know we are being burned. In black people, burns present as sudden itchiness in one particular area after being in the sun for too long.

Wearing SPF is also important to stop ageing, dryness and fine lines as well if you want more shallow motivation to wear SPF. I like to wear SPF in my CC creams because I don't like always wearing thick foundation and I haven't found a cream for my face that doesn't break my face out into a rash so we are using CC  creams for now.

As a Black person, I don't need a lot of SPF protection. I use the Mary Kay one in the winter, it is SPF 15 and I think despite having 4 shades the colour suits me better (Purchase here). It has light to medium coverage and makes your skin all luminous, I wear it also if I am just staying at home and I am not planning on leaving the house. I also use the Revolution Pro CC cream in the summer because it has an SPF of 30 to give me that extra protection. It is cheaper and has so many colours, the colour I brought made me look really ashy which is always the problem with SPF products, but I feel like it's a bit more noticeable with this product, but it has more of a coverage which is great! You can purchase it here (They are having a 3 for 2 on the Revolution website at the moment so check out)

There is so much to skincare that will make a big difference, a healthy diet and good night sleep is vital for your skin. In the time that your resting your skin can rejuvenate, and if you eat healthy your skin cells can thrive and do all it can to stay balanced. A diet full of sugar and fat will cause problems for your skin, so try and keep your diet balanced, healthy nutritious and most importantly sustainable in the long run. If your body is happy your skin is happy. Your skin is a very efficient organ (yes, it is a an organ), so treat it with the same respect as you do with your heart. 

Drink Water! I know everyone says it sounds fake, but drinking water is good for blood circulation, your blood carries the good stuff to the different part of your body, it also carries away waste items. That includes your face, a good circulation means a good supply of nutrients to your face, it also means your blood can much easily and swiftly carry away the not so good stuff.  

Wash your pillows often and don't touch your face! We sweat a lot in our sleep or at the very least we shed dead skin unto it, imagine lying in that very night? Just think of the stuff you are reintroducing to your lovely face. It varies from person to person but changes your pillowcase regularly as possible. Also don't fiddle with your face. Take a minute to think about everything you touch every you really want it on your face?

Speaking of a minute? Cleanse your face for a full minute before rinsing off, it makes a big difference I'll tell you that now.

Of course, we are also dealing with hormones, menstrual cycles and other medical conditions so be easy on yourself. Acne and pimples are not always simply a hygiene issue, stress and bad mental health can be a factor as well. If you're ever concerned I recommend seeing a doctor or licensed esthetician or even a dermatologist (?). 

So, at last, we reach the end of my skincare routine! What do you think? Do you have any tips and tricks or even any recommendations? Tell me about them I would love to know!

Bye for now Eman 



  1. The way my skin is right now, yeah...I'm so glad this post came at the perfect time! I'm definitely getting the ClearProof products, especially the spot treatment one because I get spots literally every other day even though my skin is dry as a desert and it takes ages to go away!

    Abi //

    1. I definitely recommend although I think that Mary Kay is quite expensive l! I think using Botanical lab is just as good! I am just unfortunate that my skin is such a brat! I also recommend buying the Mary Kay set as as a set they last about 3-5months so it turns out cheaper πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ


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