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28 March 2020

So we are currently in lockdown and are only allowed on our one daily mandated walk. See anyone who has read A Handmaid's Tale,  would be slightly nervous too! Before you know it we will be either wearing red or cleaning up the colonies and honestly, I don't look so great in red or chemical waste so. that would be devastating for me. Seriously though usually a friend or family member will have to force me to have a weekly walk let alone a daily walk. Although all of sudden I feel like I need to go outside every day because the government told me not to #JustTaurusThings. That's not why you are here, dear reader. You're here to find out from the Queen of introverts herself what to do now you're forced to stay inside.

1. Finish Your assignment

I know how difficult it is to do your work from home, Actually, let me rephrase that...It's near impossible to do your work from home. As someone who lives with a loud and overall disruptive family, you could go from writing an essay about Chronic illnesses and the psychosocial factors to somehow making banana bread. It all happens so fast I often get whiplash from the sudden transition.

 Some of us also have anxiety and that's perfectly understandable. It's very difficult to focus on your essays when you're concerned about a loved one getting it, or getting it yourself. In that situation, you can only afford to be nice to yourself. That's all I will ask from you, use this time away from school as a way to reset or go back to factory settings, this is a time to redefine your routines and discuss what it is you really need. You can't work unless your mind and body are in tip-top shape.

I have two essays to submit and write and at the moment the goal is 500 words a day, that way I will be done 3 weeks before the deadline and have enough time to proofread. Since you're now at home with an influx of people who are probably bored as you are, why not bore them even more and make them read a part of your assignment?! No seriously living with a family or group of friends or spouse can be super helpful when you're writing assignments because  I can guarantee that typo you missed? Your friends and family will pick up five more.  When I sit down to do work I will always do a little service announcement and tell my family to Leave me the f- you can finish the sentence, but its good to place boundaries with the people you live with, so they know you have work to do.

2. Read.

Did anyone ever have a stage in their life where they would read so much, like I mean devour stories whole and then one day you woke with no interest? I blame  A level English lit and the lack of interesting books we covered. The only books I enjoyed was The Handmaid's Tale, evidently, and the books I chose for my course work (The Tale of Genji and Sula) There are so many books that stayed with me from the past including Hitler's pink Rabbit and my favourite cult classic 1984 which I hated at first but grew to love as I got older. Now I am looking for new books to add to my bookshelf.  I hardly own any books because I had previously borrowed books from the library to be returned, but now is my chance to start collecting books and giving them a good read. I am waiting for the books I ordered to arrive in the mail and I will probably write a little review on here as well.

3. Bake

I can not bake well to save my life, the day I wrote this post, I made chocolate chip cookies that wouldn't spread and tasted to me more like cakes than cookies... (If anyone knows the reason for that please let  me know because I am losing my mind!).  I made a lemon sponge cake the day before. Me and my mum would like to attempt bread next. Honestly, my brother has been so supportive, dutifully trying a bit of everything I have tried to make, although I think I am far more confident when it comes to cooking, Not like I have had a choice in the past few weeks, my mum has decided that cooking is not for her and me and my brother have had to fill in. I always look forward to my brother's dishes too, so that's a plus.

4. Learn a new Skill

This was suggested by my younger brother. He suggested that everyone should learn a new skill no matter how big or small. He suggested learning a new language. which might not be for everyone, he himself has no interest in learning one.
but learning a new doodle or a new Tik Tok dance is just as admirable.

5. Netflix

Nuff said really.

I have been having a field day with true crimes recently.
A watchlist will be coming to a blog near you

Anyway love you guys, stay safe and stay indoors.

Bye for now Emmy xx

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