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1 February 2020

The skirt was thrifted and the shirt was robbed 

So thrift culture and second-hand fashion as evolved from simply just hiding your head in shame as your mum scoured the racks of the charity shop to happily sharing your finds on social media. I don't want to sound like that person my family, my mum especially have been champions of second-hand fashion. She was adamant that there were gems to be found if only you were patient and it's true! There is so much to be found in charity shops!

Thrifting is also planet friendly, the fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants in the world, with fast fashion become increasingly sought after. Need a dress for next week, prettylittlething has got you! I more than anyone understand! I have fallen victim to aliexpress and it's super super low prices and it's not good. I am contributing more than anyone, I have accountability over myself and thrifting has helped me reduce my carbon footprint. It's also way more cheaper I barely ever spend over £10 in a charity shop! All of my hidden gems have been second hand I just adore making something vintage new by imagining a fun outfit.
the whole outfit was thrifted except the Filas 

Another thing I do is steal! Woah before you call the authorities, I mean from my mother's wardrobe. My mum has so many cool things that she has given to me because she no longer wears them, I even take from my brother, since he is constantly growing, he outgrows his clothes which eventually falls to me, there are so many fun cool ways to acquire clothes without even having to go the main high streets brands. I am also glad it has become mainstream, I think it's wonderful that we are all becoming fashion conscious and helping the needy while doing so.

Tips for finding a bargain

1. The men's section is your friend,
I am a huge fan of oversized t-shirts and cardies so huge men sizes are right up my alley! Also, men are more likely to give away big brand names than  women so that's a bonus

2, Go for accessories

Charity shops can seem miserable on the surface, and I will not lie sometimes I walk in and I am like wow the heavens hate me, but accessories leave room for flexibility and are far more versatile. Sometimes though  I look at something seemingly hideous and I am like this could be something! There are so many ugly shirts that have been given a home and that's on that!

3. Patience is key

Sometimes you won't always find something is amazing  and that's okay

4. Depop Seller
Please don't find something cool and triple the price on depop. Charity shops are there to help the less fortunate whether it is to give clean water to someone or provide cheap quality clothes for those who can't afford TopShop or Zara so think about it when you do that

My Favourite places to thrift are Keech Cottage Charity shops in my own town or Noah, if you live near the London area it's worth taking a trip out to Hemel Hempstead. There is nothing really special there but it is charity shop central, they have also the cheapest bargains around. When my mum used to take me there I knew it was time for a new book
entire outfits thrifted (Except hat, bag and shoes)

Overalls and T-shirt thrifted 
I hope you enjoyed this post! what are your cool thrifting tips

Bye for now Emmy xx

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