What didn't Bloody tell me about uni!

13 November 2019

So I well here I am. I can now tell old people who ask me about what I am doing with my life, that I am a student Nurse because yes, ladies and gentlemen I am at university. Of course being here for over a month now I think it's a little too late for a room tour (also I don't really want to bloomin' do one, but I heard bloggers aren't allowed say stuff like that so you didn't hear that from me).

There are many things I wished I was told about Uni, but of course, everyone only  assures you will do fine and make lots of friends, whilst handing you a prospectus that fits into two categories: 1)they tried too hard to fit every ethnicity on the front cover and now it looks awkward and uncomfortable 2) If you join the Uni based on the second type of prospectus your flatmates will think everything you do is exotic and wild. What we can all agree on is that no one ever properly reads the prospectus because we hardly care about what the Dean has to say on page 4 or where we can  park our car when your parents visit and quite frankly whoever you force on the cover of the prospectus will always  look like they are dead inside no matter how wide  their smile is.

So I am going, to be honest as I can without getting kicked off my course or being hated by my entire flat although sometimes I feel like I have ticked the latter box

Okay, so Freshers...*sigh*  so I don't like going out that much. I am not sure if it's because my anxiety flares up or I am doing it wrong. Either way, I would not be jumping for joy if someone offered me tickets to hang out with sweaty so and sos in a dark room (did I mention I actually scared of the dark?), whilst  downing shots (I can drink alcohol, not a huge fan, when are they going to start selling juice boxes at the club?). However, that is what exactly freshers are and I was more than content to save myself £8.00 per ticket and sleep. I went out on the first night as I moved in and one other night and that was it. You'll be surprised to hear that I enjoyed it. The first night my American and German flatmates convinced me to come. If they ever find this you guys are awesome! The Americans I have found make everything seem 10x more exciting so before you know it you're in a dark room dancing the night away.

Me actually being excited to go out. How rare!
My tips? For the love of cheese, don't buy the wristbands that allow you to go to everything, because the chances are you might not want to go all events and no you are obliged to go everything even if it's crap. It's better to pay £14 for the two events you wanted to go to rather than pay £50 and not go to any at all. Unless you're hardcore and like partying.  You do you am I right?

Also don't go at all if you don't want to. Everyone says you make friends at freshers,  but not when everyone is drunk off their heads and they don't even remember their own name in the morning let alone yours. So no you are unlikely to meet your bestest friend for life in a sweaty pit.

Flatmates. Most of my Flatmates are grand, shoutout to people in my flat who do their washing up and clean up after themselves. The reality is that there is a possibility that you will get terrible flatmates and there is a possibility you will get great ones. Accommodation is a lottery. Just be happy that your accommodation looks like the pictures because I have heard some horror stories from the other side. I share a Flat with 12 whole human beings, I pray every time I enter the threshold of the kitchen that no one is there, not because they are terrible people, it's because  I am socially awkward and act like aliens dropped me down to earth to try and infiltrate the human race. In conclusion please help...
So yeah most of them are nice. Although I swear to god there is always a random person who does not live in our flat, who wanders around my kitchen and making themselves at home. I wondered quite rudely, I'll admit, do they not live anywhere? Then I had a moment remorse and mentally said sorry, but it's so frustrating because when I go downstairs when they would stare at you as if you were doing them a disservice when it's my freaking flat! One of my flatmates, unfortunately apparently does not know the meaning of washing up and has left something resembling the leaning tower in the sink, so maybe in a days time, I will have nowhere to wash my dishes. I can't seem to fathom why the person is so messy. One thing I regret not doing is organising a cleaning rota and bin changing rota because it seems only a few people are pulling their weight when it comes to keeping shared spaces clean.

Nice little corner of my room that I wanted to add  :)

Okay here's another thing. Laundry is bloody expensive! It is £3.60 for an average wash at my uni and well on top of that there are drying to cost because I wasn't smart enough to buy a drying rack. It sounds cheap until you realise you have to separate darks and whites and do this every week or so.

 If you can bundle up your laundry and roll up home and present your family with a charming present that is your laundry...  then do that! Just let them know you love em before unveiling your avalanche of dirty socks. Uni is a strange place because no one gives a monkey's ass and everyone is just trying to survive. I guess since I am here at uni I may as well do like a mini uni series every now and again.

Making friends?  Honestly, everyone is on the same boat as you, I am unfortunate and actually, have a resting bitch face so I am so sorry to everyone who has met me, but I don't bite I am more likely to cry and flee. The best way to make friends? I don't know? If you think someone is cool go up and say hey I guess..?  University is a big place there is bound to be someone that has the same interests as you. I was fortunate enough to have met Sophie who had been absolutely lovely and actually listened to me whilst I must have bored her half to death. You, Sophie, are also the best! No seriously though go up to people in your class and say Hi or something. Try complimenting them, everyone likes to be told if their outfit is cute.

The only other thing I can say is that you're spending £9250 a year to be at the big U so  you know do your best and work hard, do the course you wanna do because I love the idea of  making sure the general public is okay and well, but damn sometimes my course makes me want to YEET and that's from someone who deffo couldn't imagine being anything else other than a Nurse. So pick the course
YOU want to do and not the course your parents have picked out because they won't sit your exams. (You can tell your parents I said this)

Oh, wait. Something else, the boys. This is deffo something people are always concerned about when it comes to Uni and of course, you can't raise your hand and asked the speaker if there are any peng tings on campus because of very obvious reasons.  First of all the hot boys that you see on open days....hahah you will never see them again they were there for decoration and cut, where they went? That is a mystery. Also if you're a first year and a 3rd year tries to tell you he/she loves you in the first week of freshers throw them in the bin and move on. Trust me on this :)

Well until next time kids (unless you're an adult then good day to you sis)

Actually, before you close this tab why not check out my friend Sophie? Just click her name. That's it... that's it....yep the coloured name...yeah you got it!

Emmy xx

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