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13 November 2019

So picture this you have a huge essay due and you're  painfully close to the deadline.So close in fact that when you think about it, you break out in cold sweat. You panic a little but you decide that you have to do something about it, but of course the solution is not to finish the essay. It never is. You decide to procastinate and that is where I come in ladies and gentlemen. I am going to tell you what I like to binge watch, so you, yourself can binge watch as an try and attempt to fill that hole with fun when you know you could just as easily close that hole by just finishing the essay. I just want to point out procastination is bad don't do it! I also  need to a point out this isn't the usual netflix  to watch list, this is gonna be a lil bit different.

I know some locals that look down on anime and are adamant that it's for children, and only weirdos watch it. So yes I am one of those weirdos. I would highly recommend you don't sit your six-year-old cousin down to see it, There is more to it than just the animation. Speaking of which the details and colour in the animation are legendary, I can't even believe it half the time. I feel like I am almost insulting the creators by watching it on a laptop, I feel like it should be watched on something  better with high resolution like the Panasonic HDR Premium TV as it not only just has a high range of colour and brightness it also includes colour space which changes the viewing game entirely, and really brings out the artistry of the animatorsIf you’re curious about TV, just click the coloured text, yeah- just move the mouse on the coloured text aaaannnnnddd click! They’ll be more there for you!

Assassination Classroom Season 3: Confirmed Or Canceled? Release Date
So firstly one of my favourite things I am watching at the moment is Assassination Classroom, or if we are going by its Japanese name Ansatsu Kyoshitsu. It follows Class E,  which is, unfortunately, dubbed the "End Class", due to the fact that they are not able to keep up with the prestigious cram school they attend. Their peers tend to jeer at them and they are often reminded they have no hope of ever moving back up and are often treated as second class citizens. Until a new Octopus-like creature who had previously destroyed the moon becomes their teacher and demands they kill him before the end of the semester or he will destroy the world. It's light-hearted and funny, with cool scenes of action. Along the way, it heavily seems to highlight the flaws of the education system not only in the anime itself but in reality as well. The students are also very relatable with struggles that manifest within all of us it is nice to see  them grow in confidence as the series progresses
All in all this actually a very good show to watch that I enjoy greatly.

Image result for Clannad
Next is another Anime that has aged so well! It's so painful and compelling, it has legacy brought about by its beautiful thought-provoking storyline. This anime is called Clannad and oh my goodness are you in for a ride, it has very subtle Spirited Away vibes, but the setting is more realistic as its set in one of  Tokyo' s neighbourhoods. The magical elements in this are so subtle it made me wonder if I was floating in out of a dream. The story follows a sickly but sweet girl called Nagisa and an indifferent boy called  Tomoya who lives his days acting like a delinquent. They both meet by accident and surprisingly hit it off. She goes about teaching Tomaya the meaning of family and connecting with people as Nagisa comes from a very supportive and sweet family, whilst Tomya is still bitter about his own family life. Nagisa is obsessed with a fictional mascot family called Dango Daikazakou which translates as the big dumpling family, she sings often during the two seasons (Clannad and Clannad After Story.) It stings to listen to the song because it plays at the end of every sad episode so it leaves a nostalgic feeling in the pit of your stomach.

I know a lot of my readers have NEVER watched an anime but if you're curious, try Crunchyroll, you can download it on your phone or smart tv. The colour palette of this anime is amazing you have to watch it on an actual TV to appreciate it!

Okay onto the Drama section part of the Post.

Let's talk about Kiri. Did anyone watch  Channel 4's masterpiece or am I the only person in the world that is a sucker for good adverts? Kiri was a sick show and everything I was going to tell you were spoilers, so lets cut to the chase, It is a 4 part drama about a girl who goes missing days before she is adopted by her foster family. Tensions run high, you can see the divisions between class and race and everything really. It's interesting to see how characters develop and how appearances mean nothing. The ending leaves you gaping begging for more. I hope they get a second season it's right class!

Is 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim' (aka 'Kimbiseoga wae ...

It wouldn't be a review post by me if I didn't add a few K dramas to the list, but like they bang and they help me learn the language!

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? Is the cutest and heart melting drama I have ever watched, it's so cute. It's very romantic and follows some of the cliches but somehow along the way add in some mystery that doesn't seem so forced. It doesn't have underlying messages but it does give a nod to mental health. This drama was so funny and it doesn't try to be what it's not and I can appreciate it for that.
It's about a narcissistic CEO who doesn't like women that much but would only dates to avoid a scandal, His perfect Secretary finally decided to quit after like 7 years and that's when we realise that there is more to this CEO and the secretary, but you'll have to find out that yourselves.

Image result for strong woman do bong soonLast but certainly not least, my favourite show till this very day. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I briefly mentioned it in my last post here. This is also soooo cute but the storyline is crazy, there will be tears, there will be laughter, there will be heartthrobs, this drama is everything and I promise you this transcends culture and race like you need to watch. The lead actress will literally snatch your heart. Please please if you don't want to do anything else at least watch this. It's also on Netflix so go check it out. This was one of my first Korean Dramas and I was hooked I could not stop watching.

I am really sorry this wasn't your Netflix type post where I talk about Birdbox or Bandersnatch but I can't pretend that I watch shows like that, I really enjoy watching dramas particularly foreign dramas it doesn't even have to be Korean, it can be anything! So if you have a foreign drama please let me know below.

That's it for now! What are your favourite shows?
Note- if you're actually looking to watch Korean dramas you can watch them on VIKI and download the app and watch shows out and about. Most shows come with over 30 languages as  subtitles

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