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13 November 2019

Recently I have been a bit of a shopaholic and that means a rush of new items, that I can't wait to try out! Is my bank account happy? No, but I and my finances have a "complicated" relationship anyway that will take years of therapy to work out. For now, this post is brought to you courtesy of a dysfunctional relationship with money and a hefty payday enjoy!

I remember when I didn't step foot into Superdrug because I was a snobby Boots shopper, but then one day something told me to check it out because I was a bored teen with nothing to do so I popped in and that kids is how we met! Me and your Father Revolution. No seriously though...I love them!

All the items in the picture the palettes the lipglosses have greatly help me change my makeup game! Before I was using a sad and bad pigmented palette which barely showed on my skin tone. so let me do you a favor perhaps and tell you where I found my these babies!
All items in the pictures include:
  1. Revolution Blush Palette - Blush Queen priced at £6.00. 
  2. Revolution Re-Loaded Palette Newtrals 2 at£4.00
  3. Revolution Strobe Highlighter Gold Addict for  £3.00
  4. Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette Trends Mischief Maker at £8.00
  5. Revolution Nudes Collection Metallic - Pixelated  - £3.00
  6. I  Heart Revolution Metallic Unicorn Lips-  Immortal for £3.00
  7. I Heart Revolution Metallic Dragon lips -Fire Breathing for £3.00
  8. I Heart Revolution Dragons Dare Lipstick - Dragons Blood for £4.00

Wow! Now I look at this list no wonder my bank account wants a divorce! Oh dear! Well, it's money well spent because the palettes are better pigmented than high-end brands, my favorite palette is the Newtrals because some of the colours can be used as blushers as well. So why did I buy a blusher palette, erm well dear reader some of them make lovely highlighters. I use the lighter shades for highlighters and the darkest shade as a blusher, but it comes on quite heavy on brushes.

Also, the dragon collection is so nice on the tanned or dark skin. I wear the metallic dragon lips all the time. So go down there and check it out!

An outfit I wore today

Then are my purchases from Thursday.                                       

I bought a cute little earring from Lovisa. I have already worn the heart one, which I put together with the outfit above, it is simple and delicate which I love. I also got silver mismatched moon and star earrings and gold star earrings. I tend to like moon and star themed things so I had to get them. It's probably because I am a fan of the 90s anime Sailor Moon. 
They each retail from £7.00 -£ 8.00, but they usually do mix and match sales that mean you can buy 5 items for £12 for example.

I also brought new Jeans in Zara, they were previously £29.99, but are now £9.99. I have been looking for jeans that are ripped at the hem and are somewhat cropped. They aren't skinny but go straight down which I prefer because I don't like ultra skinny jeans because it emphasizes my lack of booty. It also has a little slit running up the side of my leg and I just love that, it just adds that unique spin to it. Lastly, the material feels authentic. Do you ever buy jeans, (New Look I am looking at you 'ole friend), and it feels thin and weak? Yeah, these don't have that like at all.  Since I also have the waist of a matchstick had to buy a belt and what better place to buy one than Primark. It is simple, seemingly durable and at a lovely price of 2 quid which is equivalent of 2 Haribos Starmix  (that's my way of measuring a bargain)

Now let's talk about the walkers!

The Sliver shoes were £49.99 whilst the black shoes were £39.99, Guess what? I got the black pair for £7.99 and the sliver for £9.99. I think I saved well don't...don't you? Not only that they are extremely cute and they have platforms that make me nearly  5 ft 5 so I think I have won this round.

So here it is my recent purchases! Until next time!

Emmy xx

Hey psst! It's me!  just want to point out do like New Look and the jab at their jeans was purely due to one of my favorite jeans ripping after moving so enthusiastically. I still haven't gotten over it :'(

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