I need some space!

13 November 2019

Okay! Okay! I know. Before you boo and hiss and tell me that it is the autumn as I present this look. I would like to remind you that it is a still a little warm and can be worn out so please don't yell at me and I wanted to share this look before it was officially time to put away the t-shirts (that pains me a lot to say).

Well let's get into this, of course, this was the missing link to my Online Haul.

So here it is my I Need Some Space look.

I just love this t-shirt so much. I can't explain why I love it so much, its quite a youthful t-shirt, something a child would wear. Of course
Star edition
, it has to be to white, but the little squares are so bright and bold and it makes me happy to just catch a glimpse of it! It's really baggy and oversized which is perfect because I have been trying to find the perfect one for years!! Okay, I am exaggerating but it took me a good while to find it nonetheless.

This t-shirt is found at StoreDogDog which is where I get everything from. The top is called TO SPACE, WE GO

Moon edition
It looks just fab with jeans or overalls. I took pictures in both and I called the photo set in overalls the moon edition and the jeans, Star edition because... you'll see when you see the pictures. I don't know if you agree with me but this my favourite photoshoot. (If you can call it that).

The Moon edition   

The glasses pictured in the Moon edition photos are Clout goggles that I picked up at Primark for £2 on a beach trip. I had no second thoughts when buying them and I certainly didn't think I would have liked them so much, in fact, there were just the most convenient ones I could buy. They were just there.

The overalls were from the Mantaray Clothing Line from Debenhams and cost around £40.00, my mum brought them for me because I had really wanted overalls that autumn and I couldn't find any that I actually liked. They are very multi-seasonal and can be worn any time of the year!


  The Star Edition

The trousers and shoes first made their debut in my blog post "My Recent Purchases", where I outlined my terrible spending habits if you want to read it you are welcome to click the link. The Jeans and shoes are from Zara and I wear both the shoes and trousers all the damn time! I am sure all my flatmates are sick to death from seeing them. It's funny because sunlight reflects off the shoes and I end up blinding some innocent passerby, they are rather obnoxious shoes! The earrings are of course from Lovisa and also feature in my posts "My Recent Purchases" As you can tell I may as well just advertise their site for them, but it is from the online shop: StoreDogDog. It is quite simply called "NASA HAT". I never really wore hats before this, but it's so cute and it's handy for hiding a bad hair day.
This all for now, as you can tell I just wanted to show you guys the cool pictures that I took, I hope you guys think they're the bees-hair-knees as 

well! Bye for Now!

Emmy xx

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