Goals for 2019

13 November 2019

In 2018 I finally became an adult, so yes Clancy, 53, Generation Z is finally getting older now, therefore, you can no longer dismiss us as children when involved in petty Facebook arguments. Some of us are actual adults now and can now purchase WKD without adult supervision and some of us even file taxes now (depending if you are a full-time worker or at uni). That is beside the point. The point is there some things I would like to change about myself in the coming year not only because I am an adult but because I believe in self-improvement.

Numero Uno- I want to be more outspoken and confident, I am very prone to second guessing myself due to lack in confidence and the overwhelming fear of failure that has caused me to become a bit complacent in the recent years. One of my problems is I don't ask and therefore I don't get. I had started building on it last year but I want to be even more confident this year.

Nummer Zwei- I want to get rid of self-deprecating habits,  I am not sure if it's from the results from my often unsteady mental health or my situation last year, but it has got to stop! I often get lethargic and I can't do anything for weeks on end. I just can't and that's only one of my downfalls along with saying "You too" after a waiter has told me to enjoy my meal. In 2018  I attended counselling and I didn't really want to tell anyone because, excusez mon françis, I felt like absolute shit. I never really imagined being in that position,  However, she told me not second guess myself. I had to learn how to focus on the positives, she also mentioned I was too shielded and could often come across as cold, which was is something I was vaguely aware of but not to the extent she had explained 

Numero Trois- As you can see I love languages, I have been learning Japnese and Korean for a while, although I have almost given up on Japenese (with three alphabets and lack of indvidual spelling letters who blames me?!) However, by the end of this year I want to be at conversationalist level in Korean. I use HelloTalk often to text in Korean but I barely know spoken words so I need to work on that. I also want to learn some Spanish, picked up some whilst I went on holiday.

Number 4- I want to have fun, I would love travel more, I really want to explore the globe, there is so much to see and do I want to be part of it. I need to say Si a lot more and get involved with things around me, I close myself off a lot. I want to also try and engage with people in the blogging community more.

Bonus-  I am doing more bum workout this year because my rear end is pathetic

This post became more fitting, I wrote a lot the post earlier in the week but went over it the day before it was supposed to be released. I had spent two days bawling my eyes out and entering a depressive state and this post literally brought things back into perspective for. I worry so much about what other people think, I want to be likeable. That's a huge problem that I have to fix.

There you have it! What are your New Year Goals? Let me know! Have a fruitful and Happy New Year

Hasta luego!

Emmy xx

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