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13 November 2019

I actually never intended to be a blogger actually, unlike most people it happened very spontaneously. I woke up one weekend deeply bored and got the WordPress app and tried to start a wasn't very good...The pictures were terrible quality and posts were riddled with typos, it didn't matter how many times I edited, there were still grammatical errors and that's saying something because sometimes I read my blog now and I wonder if I can actually speak English. Anyway, I digress, so that blog wasn't all that great so I made another WordPress blog which I used for several months before getting on here.

The journey was hard, I felt very inadequate, compared to bloggers around me and I wanted to quit many times because I felt that I didn't belong in the blogging community. Although I started a blog spontaneously I really wanted to write and reach other people around me. I love Fashion and I wanted to share ideas and looks with you guys and I am so happy I can still do that today. I know don't always blog about fashion so maybe I'll add lifestyle to my label? I have met a few kind people along the way and I am so thankful, I am very awkward so it's difficult for me to get to know people, but I promise I don't bite! Sometimes people ask me in person about my blog and I  have a mini heart attack and I am not really sure why. I feel like I don't deserve the title blogger, I don't know when you really deserve the title blogger. Perhaps I imagined a Coronation where they give you a blogger sash or maybe the blogger gods descend and tell you that you are worthy...Whatever it is I don't feel comfortable being called a blogger in real life.

 I know I am not well known in the community yet and I have some way to go, but I'll try my best. I still want to make new friends and I want to share more content.
I hope no one ever finds my ever first blog because I will actually cry. Or maybe I will reveal it someday myself. Anyone who knows me knows I don't take myself seriously so maybe we can all have a good laugh

Well that’s it for me hope to see you soon,

Emmy xx

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