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13 November 2019

Hey guys! First and foremost I have to apologise to everyone as I had actually said I would post every Sunday. Two Sundays went by I hadn't posted a thing! Nada! Well, it was because I didn't have a laptop, I should've just held my breath but I jumped the canon forgetting that I was starting Uni and had yet to purchase a laptop (oops). Hopefully, my posts will be more frequent and regular (fingers crossed). Perhaps I should hold my tongue once again and not say another word.

Without further ado, I present you this post!

Okay so more recently I have had a mental wish list which I had been working towards so this is another haul type post as a result of fulfilling it, kinda...

So the first item I was so excited about! I hadn't really expressed that I wanted this item to many people, but I had wanted it for a while and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I waited impatiently till I got paid and then waited impatiently for the next day delivery. When I got them I was over the freaking moon and I have never been quite the same since...I mean just look at them!

Here they are the Fila Disruptor II 

I treat these trainers like they are my children and I absolutely love them, they are comfy and worth the hype! Even my mum loves them and she isn't a fan of trainers! Although saying that back in her day she wasn't a stranger to Fila. I do like what the brand has to offer and maybe will try and now venture out of my comfort zone because I myself did not own any trainers before these ones. I had only worn Vans in the past.

They were £80.00 which is actually cheap for trainers these days and they are a wonderful addition to the wardrobe as it seems to suit everything(?). I brought mine from JD, but I have been informed that you can actually get them from Office also.

Next, I had brought a series of (white) t-shirts  from my favourite shopping site Store DogDog

So T-shirt #1 is listed as I am Cool Tops 
It is a very self-explanatory t-shirt that I thought would be a fun thing to wear around when I started Uni and would perhaps be a talking point when I was making writing that out was embarrassing. I thought it would be funny! Okay!?

T-shirt #2 Will lend itself to my ongoing obsession with Sailor Moon and it's called Kill you in Behalf of the Moon

I think it goes without saying that I will not actually approach and kill anyone, as far as I know, that is illegal and also morally wrong. Don't murder kids! Jail ain't pretty! So yeah it's a rad top and can you guess the colour? I am sure you're rolling your eyes and huffing white because it has become very clear on my blog that I wear a lot of white.  The picture is showing the back, but it is quite plain on the front.

Most people on campus have probably seen me wandering around with this top on. It's an oversized t-shirt, I forgot to add that so the sleeves come up to my elbow.

So t-shirt #3 is errrr...Yet another tribute to Sailor Moon (I have four Sailor Moon t-shirt for anyone asking).
It is listed on the site as Fallen Anime Top

I am not sure if I was too tall, but it looked baggier in the pictures, but I still love it, it has some room in it which is all I really care about.

So there we have it! All my favourite buys. If you haven't already, check out the site, although this isn't an Ad I do recommend you go. Shipping is free worldwide as well and you get free socks when you order over $40. You can use the code DOGDOG at checkout or my code CLUMSY

I just love the site so much so just look when you have the time.

There was another T-shirt I brought but I am doing a look on that so stay tuned for the future.

Until next time
Emmy xx

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