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13 November 2019

Hey, again it's me again! How's it going? Well, Halloween is finally out the way... the clocks have gone back, which may I add I eagerly anticipate every year, once the clock goes forward in the summer. It's getting colder and you can no longer be executed via Twiter for blaring Christmas songs through your earphones, but if I am being honest I have been listening to Christmas songs all year round so I might not be as excited as the rest of you... that's a lie I am still excited...Actually, where was I? Oh yeah, I wanted to share this look with you guys. It's quite simple, yet kinda cute. If I had a boyfriend (actually why don't I have one?)  I would wear this outfit for Winter dates.

I also had loads of fun taking these pictures! Although, my mum and I were a nuisance to the entirety of London, but you know I am annoying so I can only be me.

Also, the Jumper thankfully maintains your figure after your food baby has been conceived (I am still unable to turn down 8th helping from a Chinese buffet, someone help me!)

This is the whole outfit minus my shoes because of reasons. This is a candid shot actually and I was legit crossing after awkwardly posing on the island to tell my mum how embarrassed I was 
I am Legit standing like a Sim

 Lets the talk about the Jumper okay get ready kids, chant after me: "I got it from StoreDogDog". Are they sponsoring me you ask? One can only dream. No, I just like to import items, rather than shop domestically...hmm as an Ex Geography student, doesn't that sound like the EU and America or..? Anyway it's called the "Ribbed Turtleneck Knitted" and it's  $22.95

Can you see how I was so annoying? Either side of me 10 people probably missed the train as I sat on the stairs being photographed by my mum. Thanks, Ma! (Especially for glaring at people who dared to be in my shot)

Of course, I am going to wear these shoes to I wear out the obnoxiously high platforms. I only wear platformed shoes...why? Because my younger brother towers over me and as an older sister I must- no, it's really because I am short and need a boost. I have till 20 to grow and the future looks bleak. The coat is actually very pink in real life. It's from Warehouse and cost somewhere between £40-50. I bought it a long time ago
so I can't be sure of the price. In this picture, my mum got a bit trigger happy and did not allow me to actually get on the railing. I am now eternally grateful because when I did, I nearly fell back to my doom :) The skirt erm was a charity shop haul sorry! That wasn't helpful, but everyone has a denim skirt these days so I highly doubt you need direction. If you do New Look is your best bet, Speaking of New Look the brown flower patterned belt you can hardly see was £3,99 from you guessed it, New Look and is one of my fave belts!

Aha! Here is my face without a SnapChat filter, before you close the tab in horror and disgust, at least take a peek at my Star earrings. Exclusively for people out of this world! Okay sorry, but look at how Christmassy they are. I got these babies from Lovisa, can't wait to stop being broke and ransack the
shop again! 

That's all for now! As you can see my brother truely towers over me, also you can see that coloured jackts are a lifestyle in my family.

Bye Guys!

Emmy xx

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