A New Chapter

13 November 2019

As many of you know I am going off to Uni to study Adult Nursing... I am going to keep it real with you chief I am absolutely terrified! I hate change so much and I prefer consistency and balance in my life, so change ignites my anxiety. Don't get me wrong a part of me is excited to start Uni, but anxiety is prevailing at the moment.

I am very awkward so I wonder if I will make friends or get along with my housemates. A lot of my anxiety is people-based due to the fact I find it difficult to make friends, although people tell me it's not very obvious, it is still a part of me. I am also worried that I don't really deserve my place. A part of me still questions if I am competent enough for my place or if I can keep up academically. I heard this is what they call Imposter syndrome, but this is a real concern I have. Mostly it's just change that is giving me a great amount of anxiety. I am very easily overwhelmed by small things, so we'll see how well I cope. It's very funny because people have commented on how nonchalant I seem, but I feel like I am plummeting from space, whilst the controls and the rest of my ship have caught fire...

On the bright side, I am so excited to go to Uni! I am really proud of myself to get this far and very grateful for all the people who have helped me so far in this journey! I think 99.9% of the credit goes to all my teaching staff and my family. So thank you, everyone! I am also thankful for the friends I have met online and anyone who has spared me a little of their time!!

Translates as Happy Ending or Be Happy

Talking of new Chapters I don't post regularly on this blog and I am sorry, but I have decided to post every Sunday from now on! So please be ready for regular updates!

Till next time!
Emmy xx

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